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About Us

Thailand is a newly industrialized country. Thailand develops its infrastructure by using technology for over 60 years. About three-fourths of the population is ethnically Thai and a small percentage of people who are ethnically Chinese. Mr. Chung Boon Kieng is a Chinese who comes to Thailand permanently. He starts a carrier as a labor at China Town for many years. He opens a small induction motor shop and this is the major turning point to establish Namsae Co,. Ltd. as the first manufacturer of electric fan & motor, industrial blower and other fields in Thailand in 1950.

โรงงานน่ำแซ มอเตอร์ พ.ศ.2495 นายบุญเคี้ยง แซ่จึง

From the labor to the first founder of industrial motor in Thailand, he also enlarged Namsae business into construction of several sales branches covering all industrial areas. As a result, Namsae Group has been created and well known until now.

ยุทธ จึงสวนันทน์

YUSHI GROUP is a 3rd generation under the leadership of Mr. Yuth Chungsawanant, the eldest son of the family, who has a dream to develop Thailand’s economy to be civilized society by bringing Thai agriculture to the world market.

He strongly interested in Information System Management field and graduated from Takushoku University,Tokyo, Japan. To gain more experience and understand organizational culture, he starts his career as an employee at Miki Pulley., Co. Ltd., (Japan), a leading manufacturer of power transmission systems, for 8 years then return to Thailand

MIKI PULLEY Factory in Japan

He brings “Lifetime Employment” ;which is a distinctive characteristic of Japan labor system to adapt in Thailand organizational culture. He would like to hire regular employees and keep them until retirement. This can cooperate team work and team spirit in the organization. After that he pursues a master degree at University of Washington and Seattle University, MBA major in the field of Entrepreneurship to applied all knowledge and experience using with his employee.

University of Washington in Seattle

After graduated, he starts his business by bringing all the experiences while he was studying and working life in Japan, mix it together and creates his own path in business life. One concept is to build up opportunities for all staffs for growing together with the organization. Everyone can be a co-owner under the name of Yushi, if he or she has a great potential in working. He believes that with this concept will solve the staff resignation problem. He creates the supply chain to strengthen business’s infrastructure and expand to other businesses in the group of company.

Namsae Millennium Co.,Ltd. has been established since 1997. The major goal of business at the first stage is the importing of machinery components for industrial factories and also being a distributors for many kind of products range from several countries all over the world. With the future vision of our management team, we decides to separate this division to be a new company and becomes Id Mart Co.,Ltd. under the concept “One Stop Service” which would like to serve more convenient to the customer. The company focuses on the usage of industrial products in factories and deliver the high quality products to serve customer inquiry.

2 years later, Namsae Ventilators ,which leading manufacturer and trading ventilation fan, is established. The company aims to serve saving energy of electric fan & motor to all factories. All the 3 companies are the key of success in business which leads by the 3rd generation of founder, Mr. Yuth Chungsawanant. Then, the business of Yushi Group is significantly changed due to the restructuring the company to meet the business goal and enlarging several company branches covering all industrial areas.

We changes the company name from Namsae to Yushi which clearly separate itself from a group of family. The word “YUSHI” means excellent in Japanese language that comes from a living life with Japan culture and tradition when Mr. Yuth studied in Japan. Yushi Group believes in the power of technology and innovation to support the business and increase capability in production line from the factory till deliver to customers’ hands. “Engineering Supply

Chain” is the key that we use to strengthen all the branched together. This will help manufacturer produces a quality products with a small cost. We continuously proceed and develop our company not only industry field but also agricultural field by using technology

In 2018, Yushi decides to merges all the branches to be one company under the name of Yushi Group, to strengthen and support each other within the company. Not only merging all the branches but also expanding the new business. There are real estate business, agricultural product, beverage, amusement and logistics. However, the main goal of “YUSHI” aims to expand business leading to the agricultural sector with various technological innovations, to bring knowledge and technology to the agricultural sector.

FIn order to spread knowledge to famers, Yushi Group intends to develop agriculture by using technology that we have. With this knowledge and technology, it will sustain well-being and income to the farmer. Moreover, Yushi supports Thailand policy 4.0 and the royal speech of King Rama 9 in term of sufficiency economy to be a part developing country.


Innovations for a better life


We focus on maximizing the use of resources within our group of companies to enhance product value and service quality. We continuously innovate technology to support the growth of new businesses efficiently.

Business Plan

Machinery Parts

Yushi Group started by importing components for machinery and assembling various products, becoming a key player in the machinery industry. We were appointed as exclusive distributors for leading international brands, forming the foundation for our supply chain system.

Factory Systems

We build teams and install systems for industrial factories, focusing on energy conservation. By utilizing Stage 1 products and services, we support intra-group company operations and industrial customers to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in installation, design, and post-sales service.


We import and manufacture machinery to reduce production costs, incorporating automation systems to enhance production efficiency, speed, accuracy, and solve various customer problems. Our efficient engineering and machinery consultancy teams provide effective solutions.

M&A under New Technology
& New Innovation Structure

In businesses lacking advanced technology but with high demand for necessary products, including agricultural sectors fundamental to Thailand, Yushi Group integrates various technologies and knowledge to develop management systems, work processes, machinery development, and marketing strategies. In Stage 4, our group operates businesses " from start to finish," ensuring continuous, sustainable growth by expanding into various sectors.

Organizational Values

We aim to create a fulfilling work environment based on Ikigai, emphasizing:

Finding joy in work by granting
employees freedom in their tasks.

Identifying and cultivating employees' strengths and expertise.

Ensuring that tasks add value, and promote organizational growth.

Engaging in activities beneficial to both employees and the organization, fostering a pleasant work environment.