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Design and install air duct systems, duct pipes, and exhaust pipes.

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Yushi specializes in designing and installing a wide range of ventilation systems, including ductwork, air ducts, exhaust pipes, cold air delivery systems, factory pipework, building project pipework, odor absorber pipes, and paint, along with other exclusive ventilation system products. Our specialized engineers are ready to provide expert advice tailored to your needs.

Design and install air duct systems, duct pipes, and exhaust pipes

Our services encompass the design, installation, and operation of stainless-steel pipes, steel pipes, or line pipes for various production purposes. Installation is focused on the primary function of transporting air from one point to multiple points within buildings. Air ducts are commonly 
installed in buildings with relatively large areas, such as shopping malls, offices, hotels, factories, and other facilities, for air conditioning systems. 

It'It's better to design and install air duct and duct systems with an expert like Yushi.

A well-designed air duct system must consider both theoretical academic principles and practical engineering standards. It should be installable and adhere to established methods for designing and selecting sizes. Installation procedures should also account for the structural characteristics of various types of air duct systems. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount considerations in the design and selection process, ensuring the system is not only suitable for use but also worthy of investment.
However, if you are looking for installation service Building ventilation systems, air duct systems, duct pipes, industrial plants or a large building. Yushi is a leading business operator in the distribution, design and installation of products related to Dust removal system and ventilation system with installation type There are many to choose from. To suit the area and use with all types of industrial plants such as
Yushi Big Fan provides building structural inspection services to ensure safety for users before installation, along with correct installation methods according to standards, making it safe for users.
Industrial fans come in various forms that can be used appropriately for different tasks, such as farm fans, black blade fans, round tank fans, and more, all meeting TIS standards.
Misty Fan is also of high quality and meets TIS standards. The fan is easily movable, with a water tank inside for continuous use.
Evaporative Air Cooler features discharges that can be selected as appropriate, such as on the side, bottom, and top. Our team assists in designing air distribution ducts as desired.
Welding fume extractor, oil mist extractor. There are many types of welding fume extractors and oil mist extractors to choose from. Depending on the suitability for the work site, options include stationary and mobile welding fume extractors

We provide on-site inspection services by experts. In order for the installation to be correct according to standards, safe and meet the needs of use as much as possible. If there is a problem in use Don't worry about not being able to repair it. Because we have spare parts ready to reserve for every piece. Makes it possible for you to use ventilation system or dust removal system perfect all the time