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Installation design Ventilation fan, Farm fan

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Our installation designs for ventilation fans, including farm fans, are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring they fulfill all your needs. We provide professional advice and offer servicing for all spare parts, guaranteeing optimal functionality and customer satisfaction.

Yushi Group sells and installs ventilation systems. by experts

Farm fans within these systems serve crucial roles, including cooling, moisture absorption, and the elimination of smoke and odors from inside buildings to the outside. With several propeller sizes available, these fans are easy to install and consume approximately 1KW of energy per hour, which is significantly lower than air conditioners, making them highly sought-after in industrial markets and livestock farms

How to install a farm fan?
For anyone experiencing heat-related issues inside their factory and considering installing a farm fan but unsure about how to proceed, it's essential to recognize that a farm fan is an industrial-scale fan, which makes the installation process different from that of typical fans. Farm fans come with several installation methods, and the complexity of installation will vary depending on the type of wall.

For instance, when dealing with a cement wall, it's crucial to drill a square hole of the same size as the farm fan. Subsequently, a steel frame needs to be constructed. Once the frame is ready, the farm fan can be brought in for installation and securely attached to the wall to ensure both strength and immediate functionality. However, if a contractor drills into the cement without first creating the frame, directly installing the farm fan can lead to issues such as structural distortion and noisy operation due to screws being inserted into the side. Additionally, when installing, attention must be paid to the direction of the wind entering the building, which varies depending on the environment.
If you are looking for installation service Building ventilation system industrial plant or a large building. Yushi is a leading business operator in the distribution, design and installation of products related to Dust removal system and ventilation system with installation type There are many to choose from. To suit the area and use with all types of industrial plants such as

Yushi Big Fan provides building structural inspection services to ensure safety for users before installation, along with correct installation methods according to standards, making it safe for users.
Industrial fans come in various forms that can be used appropriately for different tasks, such as farm fans, black blade fans, round tank fans, and more, all meeting TIS standards.
Misty Fan is also of high quality and meets TIS standards. The fan is easily movable, with a water tank inside for continuous use.
Evaporative Air Cooler features discharges that can be selected as appropriate, such as on the side, bottom, and top. Our team assists in designing air distribution ducts as desired.
Welding fume extractor, oil mist extractor. There are many types of welding fume extractors and oil mist extractors to choose from. Depending on the suitability for the work site, options include stationary and mobile welding fume extractors

We offer on-site inspection services conducted by experts to ensure installations adhere to standards, prioritize safety, and meet usage requirements effectively. Should any issues arise during operation, rest assured that repairs are feasible. We maintain a stock of spare parts for every unit, ensuring uninterrupted use of your ventilation or dust removal system, maintaining optimal performance at all times.