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Big Fan Maintenance Service

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With our post-sales service for Yushi Big Fans, we ensure your fan operates smoothly and lasts longer, preventing premature failure.

For areas larger than 10 square meters, using a scissor lift incurs a daily fee of 10,000 baht, with a capacity of servicing 3 units per day.

Maintenance service for Big fan

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your Big Fan operates smoothly and provides a cool and comfortable environment.

We employ a thorough process to check the fan's condition, conducted by our service team, to maximize the efficiency of your Big Fan.

Understanding how to care for your Big Fan is crucial for its long-term operation and maximizing its value. It's essential to first determine whether the big fan uses an AC or DC motor, as this affects maintenance requirements. Additionally, installed fans must meet standards, and the control cabinet should be regularly inspected to ensure proper functioning.
Selecting quality materials for the blades and motor makes them strong and durable, while standard installation prevents accidents such as falling. Regular inspections of the control cabinet are necessary to maintain safety, and the Emergency Stop button should be accessible at all times to halt the fan in case of an unexpected event.

Using Yushi for your service needs will provide you with peace of mind. Our thorough verification steps ensure restoration for maximum efficiency and safety.