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Economical, Safe, And Stronger Than Anyone Else. Complete With Every Spare Part Team Of Technicians With Over 50 Years Of Experience

Superior With Japanese Standards | Designed And Installed Nationwide

Yushi Group operates the business of selling, designing, and installing complete ventilation system products and after-sales service that is ready to take care of you. Because there are every spare part. Allows you to use the big fan completely at all times.

      Big Fans have become increasingly popular and are now commonly seen in various places over the past 5-6 years (2016-2018). They are starting to play a role in various business sectors, both industrial and private. Big Fans help with overall ventilation, increase wind speed, and enhance the image and experience for users of various services


It is an important part of buildings and various places because the roof area is a major heat accumulation point. Where there is a lot of heat, the YUSHI Big Fan helps create circulating air and facilitate heat exchange between the hot air under the roof and the cooler air near the ground, causing the temperature to cool down. Additionally, it can spread wind speed over a wide area and solve the problem of low electricity consumption rates, resulting in significant energy savings

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