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Product Warranty 1 Year

Ventilating Fan Front-Rear Grille, 8" Yushi Model FAD20-4 220V

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YUSHI Industrial Fan FAD Series has a beautiful design, providing powerful wind-blowing, energy savings. The ventilation propellers are made of steel, quiet sound, and are lightweight. Structure made of high-quality steel, strong and durable.

               Industrial Fan FAD Series YUSHI 

Ventilating Fan Front-Rear Grille for safety protection.

High-efficiency totally-enclosed ventilation fan with motor, dust-proof, and has excellent heat dissipation.

Motor IP 20, electrical insulation Class E.

The motor uses the Bearing System (Ball Bearing) to reduce the friction of the motor shaft, making it long-lasting and can reduce

the heat generated from the motor shaft and the motor.

The structures and propellers are made of high-quality steel, lightweight, and coated with black rust-resistant paint.

Able to cool down up to 780 – 8,700 cubic meters/hour.

Provides multiple Size options, available in Size: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 20", 24".

It is an air ventilator/air extractor fan with a beautiful design, providing powerful wind-blowing, and saving energy.

The product has Certified Industrial Product Standard- Safety Requirements TIS 934-2015.

Product specifications

    Model                 SIZE (inch)           SPEED            AIR DELIVERY                  Noise               Power

FAD20-4 220 v                    10”             1,400 (r/min)     840(m³/h) – 494 (CFM)         57                   40 (W)


             Suitable for ventilation work in industrial plants, offices, residences, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers.
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