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  • DFP-TW Series
  • DFP-TW Series
  • DFP-TW Series
  • DFP-TW Series
Product Warranty 5 Year

Industrial Wall-Mounted Fan DFP-TW Series, Model 20" Propeller Model

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Industrial Wall-Mounted Fan DFP-TW Series, Beautiful Design, Providing Powerful Wind-Blowing, Energy Efficient, Durable, 5-year Warranty.


                           Industrial fan DF-T Series, floor-standing model

                               *** Product guaranteed for 5 years ***

  • The propellers are entirely cast aluminum, quiet sound. 
  • The motor uses the Bearing System (Ball Bearing) to reduce shaft friction extend motor life and reduce heat buildup between the shaft and motor. 
  • Structure made of high-quality steel, strong and durable. 
  • The wall mounting bracket can be adjusted to multiple levels. 
  • Adjustable wind power to 3 levels, adjustable angle of oscillation 90 degrees. 
  • Motor IP 20 with electrical insulation Class E and equipped with a thermal fuse system that automatically cuts off operation in case of overload, preventing fire accidents. 
  • Available in 4 Sizes: 20", 24", 26", and 30' Propeller model.  
  • The product has Certified Industrial Product Standard- Safety Requirements TIS 934-2015

  Product specifications

    Model               SIZE (inch)            R.P.M (r/min)          AIRFLOW (m³/h)            Noise              Power

DF500-TW                    20”                       1,400                           130                            55                   130

      Suitable for ventilation work in industrial plants, offices, homes, restaurants.